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Jalen Hurts To Highlight Women Empowerment For NFL's 'My Cause, My Cleats' Week

By Jennifer Roback

Credit: Philadelphia Eagles

My Cause, My Cleats is an annual tradition in the National Football League where players choose a cause that is important to them and represent it on customized cleats during week 13 of the NFL season.

This year, Philadelphia Eagle's Quarterback Jalen Hurts has chosen to advocate for women in sports by highlighting the importance of women empowerment through the Women's Sports Foundation, which was created by tennis legend Billie Jean King in 1974 "to advance the lives of women and girls through sports and physical activity."

"I thought that was very important to show my support and play a role in equaling out the playing field for women in sports and women all around the world, really, when you talk about them being empowered to truly have equality in whatever field they choose to strive for," Hurts said during a press conference.

"My mom, she raised me with high character and to do things the right way. She's a counselor back home [in Houston, Texas] and that's a perfect platform to impact the people around you, to impact kids around you. I have a sister that's going to be a senior in high school next year and I know she has dreams and aspirations to do special things in her life, whatever it is. And I want her to know that she can do anything she puts her mind to, and know that her brother has her back."

Hurts also noted that another reason this cause is important to him is because he has a female agent, Nicole Lynn, and a female marketing agent, Rachel Everett.

He is scheduled to wear these customized cleats during the Eagles vs. New York Jets game on December 5, 2021, however, it remains unclear if Hurts will take the field after suffering from an ankle injury.

Adam Schefter of said that Hurts “very well may be out,” but the team is reportedly waiting until Sunday to make a final decision.

Other notable causes that NFL players have represent during My Cause, My Cleats include cancer research, mental health, disease awareness and prevention and social justice.

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