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Team USA Wins Gold In Women's Team Event At The 2021 IBF Super World Championships

By Jennifer Roback

Photo Credit: USBC

For the past week, members of Team USA have been competing in Dubai at the 2021 IBF Super World Championships, where four members found success in the team event.

On November 15, Kelly Kulick, Danielle McEwan, Missy Parkin and Jordan Richard found themselves on the medal podium after beating Malaysia in a ninth-and-10th frame roll-off.

"We were there all week long, and all of us bowled well enough to make it to every medal round, but at times, the format wasn't to our advantage, and the way we qualified, or the number of pins we knocked over, weren't really factors," Kulick told USBC.

"But, for all the years I've been on this team, we've always said the gold medal we wanted to walk away with most was the one in the team event. We came together as a team today and made that happen, and it was incredibly special."

Malaysia started off the match strong with a 190-170 win in game one but USA was able to bounce back and take the second game 215-171, forcing the roll-off.

Kulick fired a strike to start off the two-frame match followed by McEwan who added a spare and a strike to the mix. Malaysia began with a spare and needed a strike to keep their hopes alive but fell short after Natasha Roslan left a 4 pin.

The win comes just one day after Parkin and Kulick won silver in the mixed team event alongside Team USA's Jakob Butturff and Kristopher Prather.

"Even though we didn't win the mixed event, it still was a positive experience, and we bowled well to keep it close the whole way," Team USA head coach Bryan O'Keefe said.

"There were a couple key moments in the match and a few in-between shots that were the difference. Sometimes, the pins don't fall your way. I'm proud of everyone. No, we didn't win, but I don't think we lost. We just got out-bowled by a great team.

Overall, Team USA took home four medals including a gold medal in the men's trios and bronze in the men's doubles events.

"I couldn't be prouder of this team," O'Keefe added. "We came here and represented the United States like true champions. Everyone communicated well and bowled great the entire time. The best part of it, is that everyone is going home with a gold medal from the World Championships, and that's all you can ask for."

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