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Team USA Wins Gold During Team Event At The 2021 PANAM Bowling Championships

By Jennifer Roback

Photo Credit: Instagram

After a slow start to the events, Team USA wrapped up their appearance at the 2021 PANAM Bowling Championships with a gold medal in the team event.

On October 22, 2021, the Team USA women were able to capture gold after leading day one of the two-day team event by 241 pins, later extending the lead to 362 at the 20-lane Bolera Departamental, in Cali, Columbia.

Team USA veteran Bryanna Coté led the way with a 1,286 total, followed by Breanna Clemmer (1,259), Lauren Pate (1,224), Julia Bond (1,168) and Gazmine Mason (1,156). Sydney Brummett also shot a 1,028 total for the team but her score did not count towards the event.

The United States was able to top Team Mexico again this week, who shot a respectable 5731, earning the silver medal with Puerto Rico right behind them coming in third with a 5683 total pinfall.

Clemmer also earned the all-events gold medal for Team USA with a 4,991 total across all the events. Earlier in the week, she also won doubles gold with her former collegiate teammate Pate and a bronze medal in the trios event with Pate and Mason.

Coté, Brummett and Bond, were able to captured gold during the trios event.

"This was my first tournament with adult Team USA, and I was pretty nervous, but I just tried to stick to my process and be with the girls as much as possible," Clemmer, who is a former five-year member of Junior Team USA, told

"In a sense, I was a veteran in the group, but I tried to learn from each and every one of my teammates along the way. I had trust in them and believed in them, and I know they felt the same way about me. It truly was a team effort all week."

Between both the men and women teams, the USA picked up 13 out of the 32 medals given followed by Mexico (7), Puerto Rico (4), Canada (4), Colombia (2), Aruba (1) and Costa Rica (1).

On the women's side, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Aruba will now advanced to the 2022 World Games set to be held in Birmingham, Alabama, giving the United States an automatic spot as the host nation.

"I can’t believe the week is already over. I’m so grateful to have been on this trip with these people," Brummett wrote in an Instagram post. "Even during the struggle, wearing the red, white, and blue makes every wrap ten worth the fight."

Official team results

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