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Team USA Wins Gold And Bronze Medals During Trios Event At 2021 PANAM Bowling Championships

By Jennifer Roback

(L-R) Bryanna Coté, Julia Bond, Sydney Brummett Photo Credit: USBC

Team USA is continuing to shine at the 2021 PANAM Bowling Championships and have added another gold medal to the list along with a bronze in the trios event.

On October 20, 2021, Team USA's Bryanna Coté, Sydney Brummett and Julia Bond, were able to capture gold after leading day one of the two-day trios event at the 20-lane Bolera Departamental, in Cali, Columbia.

"Our performance today was a product of all the games and events we've bowled prior," Bond told following day one of the event.

"Each event, the lanes have played a little differently, but that's information we've been gathering and working really hard to share as a team. It feels nice to be in first place at the halfway point, and we'll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings. It's great to see the picture becoming clearer."

After finding themselves at the top after day one with a 1,772 total pinfall, the trio was able to continue the performance in day two adding another 1,798 pins to the score, giving them a 198.33 average overall, beating Team Mexico by 70 pins, who won silver with a respectable 3500 total.

Bond finished the event with a 210.50 average while Coté finished with a 206 and Brummett added a 178.50 to the mix.

"FIRST GOLD MEDAL AS AN ADULT TEAM USA MEMBER," Brummett said on Instagram following the event. "Thank the Lord for @bryannacote2 and @j_bond28 for fighting through these last two days with me. I couldn’t ask for better support."

Their teammates, Breanna Clemmer, Lauren Pate and Gazmine Mason, were right behind them in the event finishing third, only 6 pins behind Team Mexico.

The second team of trios averaged 194.11 for the six games, with Clemmer leading the way with a 212.83 average.

Just two days prior, Clemmer and Pate secured the first gold medal for the Team USA women in the doubles event.

Over the course of six games, Clemmer and Pate averaged 215.50 and finished with a total pinfall of 2586, beating Team Mexico, who came in second, by 144 pins.

All six women will now compete during the team event on October 21, marking the last event at the 2021 tournament.

The top four countries at the end will automatically qualify for the 2022 World Games, set to be held in Birmingham, Alabama, giving the United States an automatic spot as the host nation.

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